Devices recommended by the optometrist can be purchased in the low vision store. The store is also open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-4pm.A variety of devices especially designed for people with vision loss are available:

  • Lighted handheld and stand magnifiers
  • Telescopes, monoculars and bioptic devices
  • TV viewing glasses
  • Task desk lamps, floor lamps and magnifying lamps
  • Sunshades and glare shields that fit over glasses or flip up
  • Talking and large print devices, such as watches, clocks, calculators and thermometers
  • Devices with extra-large buttons and displays such as telephones, remote controls and calculators
  • Adaptive devices for cooking, sewing, and medication management including protective cooking mitts, colored measuring cups and spoons, needle threaders or self-threading needles
  • Magnifying makeup mirrors
  • Large print games, such as crosswords, Sudoku, playing cards and dice
  • Check writing guides, bold lined paper, large print check registers, and large print calendars
  • Lighted over-the-counter readers in powers +2.50 to +5.00
  • Electronic handheld video magnifiers and desktop video magnifiers

Any items not in stock can be ordered and are often received in as little as one week. Special orders must be prepaid.

Medical insurance only covers the fee for the low vision evaluation; the purchase of any low vision devices is the patient’s responsibility. If a patient is in urgent need of a magnifier or other low vision device and has no resources to pay for it due to low income, VIC has a financial aid program that, following the federal poverty guidelines, may allow a discount on their purchase.

Cash, checks and credit and debit cards are the methods of payment accepted at the store. Items can be returned to the store for a full refund within 14 days of the receipt of the item, if they are undamaged, clean and still stored in the original packaging or if they show a material defect caused in manufacturing. Electronic devices are the exception to the return policy and can not be returned for a refund at the store.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for holiday and special occasion giving. Available in any denomination. Gift Certificates can be ordered over the phone by calling (509) 452-8301 and will be mailed directly to the lucky recipient.

Gift Certificate for Low Vision items